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Fitness Motivation can be a big issue for me and I have found several places to turn to when I need to perk myself up again!

neon fitness motivational sign saying "This is the sign you've been looking for."

When I see my friends going to the gym, going for a run or just getting their exercise in and it seems so effortless for them it makes me feel worse about myself when I am lacking fitness motivation. I am a lover of a duvet day and my bed and I have a special relationship. The problem with this is that some days I find getting the motivation to get up and out really hard! (one of the downsides to working from home too.) So, one of the ways I help to combat this is by having an array of places to find my fitness motivation when it is severely lacking so that I am geared for success rather than failure. So here are some of my favourites!

1.Motivational Films

This is probably my go-to and if I am at the gym or on the elliptical machine at home, I always turn to decent motivational motives to help me through. There’s something about watching others overcome adversity and train hard that makes me more inclined to do my best during a workout. If you want to see my favourites, check out my Motivational Films List.

2.Research Home-Workouts

Sometimes it’s the thought of getting up and going out that de-motivates me, particularly in winter, so instead I make sure I research a ton of home workout options so that I can still get a good sweat on, without the effort of leaving my hovel! Done correctly, you can get just as good of a workout at home with HIIT and bodyweight exercises so having a good amount on hand when you are lacking motivation is key!

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3.Motivational Mantras

Having a mantra to repeat to yourself while working out can help you to get through a tough workout. For me, I am fairly simple and imagine where I used to be, where I want to be and just mutter, “keep going, you got this.” Until I make it through. You may want to choose something more personal such as words of a loved one or alternatively, find a quote that best sums up your situation. For a great place to start, check out my Motivational Mantras Gallery for some of my favourites.

"Stop complaining" written on a fitness motivation app on phone in a man's lap.

4. Instagram Hashtags

Like a lot of people, I am trying to work towards the perfect version of myself and I find other’s journeys very motivating! I hunt through Instagram hashtags to try and find stories that motivate me from where I am in my journey! I like to think my motivational story can inspire others in some way too so it’s the circle of fitness motivation!! (check out my article on Everyday Health “A Photograph Motivates Charlotte To Drop 76 Pounds“) Some of my favourite fitness motivation hashtags include:ย #fitfam #weightlosstransformation #transformationtuesday #fitmums #fitmoms #fitnessmotivation. You should also check out Live In Fitness on Instagram! The easy HIIT workouts straight to your feed are not only motivational but a great reminder each day and non-intrusive!

5. Accountability Partners

Friends are there to give you help and support and accountability partners are those who you tell your goals and they help you to achieve them. Whether they are looking to achieve the same thing you are or not, asking questions about how it’s going, along with sending you encouragement, positivity and support can only give you fitness motivation.

"you got this" written in chalk on a pavement with leaves

6. Online Groups/Forums

Online friends can be just as motivational and helpful as those in your real life so leaning on them for fitness motivation can be useful. You may also find that they introduce you to different websites, blogs or images that resonate with you that you can use too! I use a lot of motivational Facebook groups for blogging as well as fitness! You would be surprised by the motivation that online groups and forums provide.

7. Fitness Blogs

I like to think that The Mummy Toolbox can provide fitness motivation to some of the workouts, exercises and motivation from the Health & Fitness Index but it’s also great to find inspiration from others too. Some of my favourite workout blogs include:

Many blogs also offer opt-ins, resources and even weekly or daily quotes to keep you motivated.

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8. YouTube

I love a good YouTube playlist and this can be an excellent way for beginners to try and create tailored workouts to suit them. The one piece of advice that I will give however, is to make sure that you are watching professionals who give tips on form and injury prevention so that you don’t injure yourself by doing the same thing wrong over and over again.

9. Apps & Tech

Downloading apps are useful for having online and offline motivation at the touch of a button. A lot of the time you can have alerts and notifications sent straight to your phone so you are reminded to look. A lot of apps now also incorporate this into their fitness measuring as recording processes so you can do everything at once!

You can also download chatbots that connect to your messages, Whatsapp or Facebook messenger that provide you with daily quotes and reminders as well as offering you fitness pictures when you ask for them. Just like chatting with a human! Some fitness motivation chatbots you can try are:

10. Wallpapers

My favourite thing to do is to put a motivational quote or image on my phone background or unlock screen so that I am looking straight at it every morning or every time I reach for my phone. This helps me to avoid procrastination as well as being right in front of my face whenever I need it! Check out my Fitspiration Galleryย for more ideas on what to add!

How do you find your fitness motivation? If you are looking for more tips and ideas, join the mailing list for tons of motivation, workouts and ideas.

Struggling to find fitness motivation? Here's 10 places you can find it yourself so that you don't fall short of your fitness goals.

30 comments on “10 Places To Find Fitness Motivation”

  1. Losing just a few days is enough to blow my motivation for weeks or even months. Accountability partners work best for me. I need someone looking me in the eye and dragging me to my feet!

  2. love these tips- mine is find your fav fitnesss videos, your fav song, fav juice and fitness outfits for gym then ya ready!!! good luck!! my bf is a PT so i have no excuse xx

  3. Thank you for these suggestions. I think the one that would work best for me is to have an accountability partner. We can both nag each other to get up and stay active.

  4. I do a majority of my workouts at home, but I do a Pilates class once a fortnight and occasionally do a drop in gym session. I like reading Hannah and Fitness too. She has some great food and workout ideas!

  5. In the beginning I needed this but 2 yrs into my journey I find that it has become an addiction. I love feeling great and healthy and therefore stick to it. I use apps like Fitstar and Kayla’s Sweat to be able to workout at home as I find that it is more convenient for me. Once you started and see the results you become the motivation.

  6. I have done well with fitness apps, provided I make sure I keep up with them. Sometimes I stop and that’s when things go wrong. Having someone keep you accountable at the same time is important as well.

  7. I can’t tell you how much this put a smile on my face ha! Thank you so much for mentioning me ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post, too! The thing that works for me is getting motivation from IG etc and then making sure the workouts I do work for me – like home workouts, etc! xx

  8. It is great to have a fitness partner but mine is a little unreliable. We often get our “can’t be bothered” moods at the same time LOL

  9. For me, one of the biggest motivators is having someone waiting for me at the gym. I’ll never miss if I know a friend is going to be there and I’d let her down if I didn’t show up. Also, I keep track of my miles on our wall calendar in the kitchen. At the end of the month I like to tally up the total number of miles I’ve walked. (it’s a lot!) x

  10. I find it hard to be motivated to workout but I like the idea of following fitness blogs or reading motivational mantras to get me in the mood. Because I definitely need to be more active that is for sure!

  11. Walking is my favorite workout. My motivation is the beautiful scenery I see everyday as I go. The fact that I feel better and look better is a plus!

  12. My sister did mention that there are a lot of video work-outs on youtube that one can do daily. I really ought to hunt them down! I need to make a conscious effort to exercise more than just walking the dog.

  13. What works best for me are the accountability partners. In my case that happens to be my wife! She keeps a strict check on the calorie count and my watch is synced to her phone. So it always says how much I burnt that day!

  14. Jeez, I really needed to read this post. I have no motivation at the moment. Even today I’ve got my gym bag with with to go after work, but already thinking of a 100 excuses of why NOT to go.

  15. I’m a huge fitness fanatic but I found the thing that ‘clicked’ for me was moving my workout to BEFORE work. IT then just became part of my usual routine before work ๐Ÿ˜‰

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