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I’ve talked about how to encourage toddler reading before…(read that here.) It’s something we thoroughly enjoy as a family and luckily it’s fostered a love of reading in our eldest!

dad reading before bedtime

It’s all about quality time and it’s such an important part to help them grow and learn. Hearing the words, listening to them being used in a sentence, understanding how they look on paper and how they flow with the story are all extremely important for the development of your children. Plus, children’s books are also normally very amusing to read! Seriously, there are some hilarious books out there that even parents can enjoy.

Reading is not only educational, it’s also such an important bonding time that you don’t want to miss out on. We love grabbing a book and snuggling up together, it’s like the perfect few moments of peace during the day! Reading to your kids before bedtime is the perfect tradition to start when they are young, so why not grab a few books and start that tradition with your child now?

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10 Books to Read to Your Child Before Bedtime

365 Bedtime and Rhymes

This book is huge! The great thing about it? It encourages you to read one story every day for the whole year to establish the habit!

Five-Minute Stores: Over 50 Tales and Fables

Spending five minutes reading to your child every night before bedtime is totally doable! It creates that bonding feeling, with a limit so your child will understand when it’s time to go to bed. Give this fun book a try to see if your little one will it enjoy it as well!

If Animals Kissed Good Night

A super sweet story with rhyming, and engaging artwork throughout out. This book is sure to be a hit for your little one to have read to them before bedtime.

The Going-to-bed Book

Has there ever been a bedtime book that is titled more appropriately? This book is sure to bring out the giggles in your little one giving them funny thoughts to fall asleep to.

Buddha at Bedtime: Tales of Love and Wisdom for you to read with your Child to Enchant, Enlighten and Inspire

Why not read tales that give your children a bit of wisdom and thought? This book will do exactly that, and also create for some fun follow up conversations the next day!

A Month of Bedtime Stories

This book is such a fun read! Your children can have fun with it as well, as they get the chance to act as the main character in the book. With over 30 stories, your month of bedtime stories will be complete!

Bedtime Songs: 10-Button Children’s Board Book

Sometimes, what your child really needs at night before bedtime is some soft music to be able to relax to. Lucky for you, this is exactly what this book does. Beautiful melodies with pictures of beautiful stories make a perfect pair in this must-have for your child.

Grandpa Bernie’s Bedtime Stories

One of the most heartwarming books written by a grandfather for his grandchildren, ever. You’ll fall in love with these fun stories and your children are certain to enjoy them as well.

Richard Scarry’s Bedtime Stories

Who doesn’t love all things Richard Scarry? These classics are a great and easy read to calm your child down for a restful sleep.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Be prepared to fall in love with this adorable giraffe! All he wants to do is dance!  Is it possible? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Finding fun and engaging books to read to your child before bedtime is key. There are literally thousands of amazing children’s books out there to read that there shouldn’t be any issue in finding a few that you both can enjoy together. Once you have your books chosen, snuggle up and prepare to read each word out loud and let your imaginations take you right into the book. Create a tradition of bedtime stories with your child that you both look forward to each and every night. End your day with comforting words that you can share and appreciate together!

What’s your favourite reading book with your kids?

Childhood reading is so important and for us we are always looking for new books we can enjoy together. Here are some of the most interesting we've found. #reading #childreading #parenting