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The Little Miss is now one month old!

Technically she is 5 and a bit weeks now, but I have a newborn and finding the time for her baby recap has been hard but we’ve managed it. What a whirlwind it has been in her first month and already she has done so much since she was born! As it has been the summer break she has been here, there and everywhere, including her first holiday, so here’s a recap of her first few weeks of life:

At 4 Days Old

We took our annual trip to Butlins Bognor Regis which was fun and exciting, and thankfully not too wet! Having a newborn on holiday was a bit of a challenge but she handled it like a pro and we were lucky that she slept between 4-5 hours per night so didn’t upset the neighbours too much.

Baby Accessory

We also tested out the baby sling which has gone down a treat (I will be doing a post on this later!). she loves to snuggle in there and sometimes I pop her in around the house so I can get stuff done! She is definitely the cutest accessory I have ever worn!

Running Before We Can Walk

In an effort to regain some fitness we have been putting the running buggy to the test and hitting the track. She is loving being out in the sunshine and being pushed around like a princess, mummy, on the other hand, is sweating like a pig! It is also a great way to keep her chilled, relaxed and asleep whenever she’s having a grumbly day!

Bonding With Big Bro

Most importantly we have been spending our summer holidays bonding as a family and building this budding relationship. Big brother has doted on her since the moment she was born (trying to shove wotsits in her face and “share” his lunch), he loves kisses and cuddles and playing with his little sis. Since it won’t last forever (probably until puberty kicks in or she’s old enough to annoy him) we are making every moment count!

S+P 1 month recap


She’s been getting involved in the blogging process, and by getting involved I mean getting in the way! Notice this is a short recap, that’s because it’s taken me about 3 days because she’s a little attention seeker. We have been trying to find a routine as I go back to work and try to keep up with blogging too which has meant several late night cuddle/writing sessions!

Bonding With The Furry Friends

One of the more anxious parts about bringing her home was how The Toolbox Kitties would react to her but as it turns out they love her too. Although happily they keep a safe distance so there hasn’t been any cot raids or smothering cuddles!

Night time kitty protectors 🐱🌛 #cats #babies #babiesofinstagram #instacat #kitty #bedtime #baby

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She’s A Sleeper

As you can see the first month has been quite tiring but we are lucky enough that this little lady loves her sleep and we have been getting between 5-9 hours per night (just like her big bro) which means it’s going quite well for everyone!

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11 comments on “1 Month Baby Recap”

  1. She is so cute!!! My littlest just turned five months it’s amazing how fast they grow and change! Seems like you got everything running smoothly!

  2. Wow, you are doing well with sleep! I’ve just been talking to my sis-in-law as she has a 6 week old and she’s only just starting to get 4 hours between feeds! I love the idea of the slings to wear babies too, is it something you have to get used to or is it pretty comfortable? (I don’t have any kids yet!)

    • we’ve definitely been lucky 🙂
      I find the wrap around slings a lot more comfortable than the click ones as they are more flexible to your body so i would recommend!

  3. Charlotte, she is adorable. I love that she fit right into the Toolbox family, even with the kitties. I wish that we had slings like that when the kids were young, they look so comfortable for the baby and convenient for parents. You can do so many things while the baby sleeps. Brilliant.

    I am so inspired by you pushing her while exercising. I love that you never quit to reach your goals. Cheering you on from over the pond. xx

    • Thanks Nikki, I have to say I couldn’t use the sling with my first as he wouldn’t fit in but this time around she enjoys the cuddles and it really has been a godsend!

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