Valentine’s Day 10k 2016 P.B Recap

So this Valentine’s Day was a bit different because I decided to start my 10K season early with a new event that I’ve never tried before!…  here’s how I got on!

Personal Best - Valentine's Day 10k

Name: Valentine’s 10K (V10k)

Where: Chessington, Greater London


Distance: You guessed it – 10K


Organiser: 26.2 Road Runners Club Surbiton

My Time: 51:40 – New P.B

The Bad

It wasn’t very scenic – the start is in a business park, the finish is the entrance to the community college and most of the route is run alongside the road which is a bit of a shame and regardless of the amount of marshals (who were great!) during an event, it can be really hard to focus solely on the run when you are crossing roundabouts etc as it is always in the back of your mind!

That being said, I didn’t have any incidents because of the fab organisation and it definitely didn’t hinder my time!

The Good

Dad and I at the finish! - sweating a bit
Dad and I at the finish! – sweating a bit

I got a new Personal Best!! that I definitely didn’t expect for the first event of the season (I haven’t done much 10k training) and because there were a few small hills! (which I didn’t realise!) My dad (who also ran) did a P.B of 55:57 too!!

The weather was perfect for me! – not raining, crisp and the sun was out! which for February is almost a miracle (especially recently)

It was a lovely atmosphere at the race HQ and was well organised throughout with fantastic and enthusiastic marshals (who were definitely appreciated!) – the technical t-shirt is pretty cool too!

I also found my running doppelganger who had the same P.B and was running at the same pace for most of the way round and she really helped me through … it is the first time I have met someone to run with at an event and it was great to have that extra support!  – if you are reading this –  thank you! and well done on smashing your P.B too!!

Will I be back next year? Definitely

Valentine's 10k 2016

My New Target

Since I have achieved my goal pretty quickly this year, which I did not expect I feel I have to set a new goal so that I don’t get lazy! – My new aim is to get under 50 minutes! (we shall see)

The Rest of Our Valentine’s Day

We still did some valentine’s-y things when I got home, we spent some quality time together snuggling on the sofa and I was surprised by these beautiful flowers and I even got this wonderful new knitting project (I have already started) which was totally unexpected! this year the husband did good! so overall for me it was the best Valentine’s Day Yet!

My Valentine's presents
My Lovely Surprise Gifts

Did we still have cake? – yes, yummy chocolate cheesecake to be exact

Did I share? – nope, don’t judge me because I earned it!

What did you do this valentine’s day? Did you make it a good one?!

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Written by Charlotte

Founder at The Mummy Toolbox


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  • Ickle Pickle (#)
    February 24th, 2016

    Well done – I really admire you, so inspiring. I spent Valentines Day at The Eden Project with three of my four children. Kaz x

  • Jenni (#)
    February 24th, 2016

    Well done on the run! Running over roads and roundabouts would put me off as well. Hopefully there will be a more scenic route for your next run x

  • Kathryn (#)
    February 23rd, 2016

    You are an inspiration, Charlotte! Congrats on your PB. How fun that you were able to run with your Dad too.

  • Ana De- Jesus (#)
    February 23rd, 2016

    Well done on achieving your target that is fantastic news! What is your next goal?

    • Charlotte (#)
      February 23rd, 2016

      the next goal is to get under 50 minutes :p eek it will be a challenge!

  • You Baby Me Mummy (#)
    February 23rd, 2016

    Well done, you must be thrilled to have achieved your personal best. I would never be able to run 10k! x

  • The L's Mum (#)
    February 22nd, 2016

    Congratulations on your 10k. I am so unfit I would love to run a 10k. Sounds like a lovely valentines day and I am not surprised you didn’t share the cheesecake. 🙂

  • Cathy ( MummyTravels ) (#)
    February 22nd, 2016

    Congratulations! I’m still working on getting back in to running – after doing couch to 5k and hurting my foot, I had started again then been constantly ill! Not quite up to 10k yet so always very impressed by people who can 🙂

  • Melanie Chadd (#)
    February 22nd, 2016

    Brilliant. I love having things to look forward to, goals to reach and barriers to push.
    Absolutely no judging going on for not sharing cake!

  • Joanna (#)
    February 22nd, 2016

    Well done on beating ur personal best. You must be thrilled! The only running I do is to get to the bus on time lol.

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