Everything You Need To Know As A Beginner Runner

Deciding to start running can be a difficult and daunting process! there is so much information out there, some useful (some not so much) So from one runner to another here are the things you need to know/can expect.

As someone who has learned a lot of things the hard way, here is where I will touch base on everything I have learned so you don’t make the same mistakes I did! You’re welcome – I will be constantly updating as there is a lot to cover and I have no finished learning yet, so check back and stay up to date 🙂

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New to running? – All of your questions answered!



Race/Event Reviews

Trainer Reviews



If you would like to see anything on the list or have a question, drop an email to: [email protected] and I’ll try to help where I can

*Don’t forget to check out my Running Disclaimer*

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