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How To Kickstart Your Weight loss

weight loss tipsSo, I lost 5 stone (see my Picture Timeline here) and there were times it was quite difficult.

Here is a collection of all the tips and tricks that I recommend that have worked for me to help you try and kick start your own weight loss journey.

Always remember to do what is best for you  and if something doesn’t work then move on and find what does– none of it is rocket science but I found it made things a little easier.

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  1. Get a food/exercise journal

I’ve had 3 different journals so far of different types– you can get combination journals that note food and exercise at once which is easier.

I started with a fitbook BLACK : fitness and nutrition journal which I found has been the best of the three with plenty of room to input the diet and exercise that you need – BUT it is the most expensive.

Then I  had Gym Diary – A pocket sized workout log book … (Red) which is the cheapest (by a long way) but is only a workout diary so you have to buy it along with the food journal as well which can get annoying having two (but they are pocket sized so – plus and minuses)

Then the ” Workout Journal (Diary, Notebook, Fitness, Log)” Which is a nice mid range price with room for food and exercise BUT it requires you to write A LOT smaller so can be a bit of a hindrence for looking back.

  • How is it helpful?
    • Motivating to see how far you’ve come – it’s easy to look back on last week and see how much better you’re doing
    • Great for planning and seeing which workouts you have completed this week
    • Keeps you accountable of all the food you have eaten
  1. Vary your workouts

Try strength moves, different intervals, new types of training e.g. fartlek, hill training

  • How is it helpful?
    • Keeps you interested in your training program
    • Good for progression
    • Variety means you’ll notice any weaknesses easier and can adjust for them
    • Reduces the risk of injury from training the same muscles all the time
  1. Try classes

On your cross training days try new sports/classes – e.g yoga, netball, circuits, kickboxing, spin classes

  • How is it helpful?
    • You might stumble on a new hobby
    • it can compliment your current training plans e.g. for runners swimming/cycling is a great way to build supporting muscle and strength
    • Find out any muscle weaknesses
    • Keeps you interested in exercise
    • It gives you a break from one type of exercise which can mentally refresh you
    • Could provide good backups – incase for example you cannot run
  1. Have a plan
Exercise Plan pinned to my chalkboard - Tips and Tricks for kickstarting weight loss - The Mummy Toolbox
My exercise plan (in all of its scribbly glory)

Draw out a plan and have it up on the wall somewhere. I tend to plan 8-16 weeks of exercise depending on the goals I set

  • How is it helpful?
    • So you and everyone else can see it and you don’t double book ( keeps you accountable)
    • Keeps you accountable so you are more likely to stick to it
    • Start date – it makes it an official start
    • So you can see if there are any triggers coming up and be prepared (birthdays, special occasions etc)
  1. Stay busy

When you are sitting keep your hands busy e.g. when you are watching TV. If you have a tendency to sit around during the day, get up and take walking breaks

  • How is it helpful?
    • keeping your hands busy stops you from reaching for the snacks!
    • Breaking up long sitting breaks is good for the muscles and recovery
  1. Find a buddy
Image from Run for your Sole
Image from Run for your Sole

Find someone who is going through the same thing or is willing to help you by being understanding but also push you.

  • How is it helpful?
    • Keep you company on your workouts which means they are more fun and you are more likely to go back
    • Give you support when you are feeling like quitting
    • Someone will keep you accountable and you won’t want to let them down
    • You can help them! sometimes it takes helping someone else on their journey to learn more about your own

7. Set Goals

Make sure there are short and long term ones, such as: “Run 3 miles this week” to “Run a half marathon by september”

  • How does this help?
    • Gives you a sense of achievement
    • Makes you appreciate the small achievements
    • Helps to keep you on the right route towards what you want
    • Helps you to plan the right workouts for your goals so you don’t end up progressing or missing workout

success doesn't happen overnight

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Written by Charlotte

Founder at The Mummy Toolbox


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  • Becky, Cuddle Fairy (#)
    December 5th, 2015

    You are so right. Success doesn’t happen over night. And sometimes it happens when we least expect it to. Keeping going is what counts. I really need to get going on an exercise & weight loss plan, having a buddy to motivate you is a big help. x

  • [email protected] (#)
    November 30th, 2015

    A great quote, especially inspiring when you are working towards fitness goals X #candidcuddls

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  • Miranda (#)
    November 26th, 2015

    This is just a wealth of information here! Thanks so much for linking up to Fitness Friday at Drops of Learning last week–this post will be features as the most clicked tomorrow! Hope to see you back.

    • Charlotte (#)
      November 26th, 2015

      definitely I am so excited to have found you! thank you for featuring the post!! x

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  • Samantha (#)
    November 21st, 2015

    These are all great tools Charlotte! I find that I use most of these too! Have a great weekend! I look forward to seeing what you link up next week at Drops of Learning!

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