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Meet The Toolbox Kitties

Fast Asleep

Here at the toolbox we have 4 kitties (yes four) and they have their own personalities and superpowers too! we love them all regardless of the wet paw prints on the kitchen sides and endless biscuits they nosh through! So here they are in all of their glory

Name: Phoenix
Nicknames: Fi-Fi, “The Slag”, Wifey, Scar
Age: 7 Years Old
Breed: Domestic Long Hair tortoiseshell
The oldest of the clan and she has no morals when it comes to mice! She likes to make blood spatter wall designs with her prey before eating them (it’s the circle of life).

Mummy’s Favourite 1#

Special Powers:
Guzzle Bucket – She can swallow a mouse whole (once she’s removed the tail)
Tree Bottom – As a long haired cat she is able to hoard a whole tree around her back legs ready to distribute all over the carpet.

Death sleep – The uncanny ability to sleep anyway and on anything, no matter how lumpy! and in the process looking dead! You will find her asleep more often than awake.

What would she say to you?

“You should bow in my presence”

Awake :)

Name: DiabloHomemade Sleeping Bags are the best
Nicknames: Hubby, Mr in Charge
Age: 5 Years Old
Breed: Domestic short hair

He rules the roost and keeps the others in check

He is black with two patches of white fluff on his underside– one around his chest, one in his crotch and it looks like a little bikini.

Phoenix’s best friend and cuddle partner! Those who sleep together stay together....oh wait

Will only drink from a tap (unfortunately cannot turn one himself)

Hubby’s Favourite (Lucky they can’t read)

Special Powers:
Catch and release – The ability to catch prey without damaging it in any way to present to Phoenix
Mega Mellow – He is able to sleep through storms, a toddler “playing” ball with him and covering him with duvets/blankets making him the ultimate cool, calm and collected kitty of the bunch.

What would he say to you?

“Why don’t you chill out some more!”

Name: Zeus
Nicknames: Scaredy Cat, “The Kittens”
Age: 3 Years Old
Breed: Domestic Short hairYes I like toy boats, can I help you?

One half of the Dynamic duo – brother to Hades (both in this case and mythologically – it was deliberate).

Likes to hang out in the baby bedroom watching the cars go zooming

Son’s Favourite!

Special Powers:
Dustbin dinner – If you need anything cleaning off the floor, he is your kitty. He will eat virtually anything and doesn’t care if the biscuits have been out all day making him the best kitchen cleanup device (The downside is that he’s getting a bit porky – oops)

What would he say to you?

I am kitty, hear me roar! argggg a plastic bag, take it away!

Name: Hades
Nickname: “the kittens”
Age: 3 years
Breed: Domestic Short hair

The littlest of the bunch and Zeus’ brother (we established this earlier)

He is nocturnal and will spend all day sleeping in his pillow fort if he’s left alone

Mummy’s Favourite 1# (I can have two)

Special Powers:
Super Wash – He licks your face like a dog does (he thinks he’s being helpful but he’s not)

What Would he Say to you?

You seem to have a dirty face, make I lick it?

Hades and Zeus - The Kittens


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Written by Charlotte

Founder at The Mummy Toolbox


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  • mummyofboygirltwins (#)
    October 25th, 2015

    So cute! We loved having our big cat and he was such a character!! Thanks for linking up – much appreciated. Jess xx


  • Ana (#)
    October 2nd, 2015

    I like diablo the best but hades is such a pretty cat!

    • cvnxena (#)
      October 2nd, 2015

      Ha ha hubby will be pleased :p I won’t tell the others 🙂

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