If you have to walk to nursery you are going to need some games, activities and ideas to pass them time as you walk, rain or shine to get you from A to B.

Ways to Have Fun Walking to Nursery

2013-05-16 16.23.28As a non-driver and a walker of the nursery run , we have to travel about a mile and a half to and from nursery.

With such little legs, it can take up to 45 minutes and that’s not including the continuous stopping and the chatter! So I decided to share a few of the ways we stay amused on the journey in the hopes that other walkers can have a great time whether it is rain or shine (and in the UK it is usually a lot more rain than shine!)

 Firstly here are our favourites…

The favourites things to do

Day recap 

We like to talk about 2 things we liked, 1 thing we didn’t and we always, always talk about lunch! I also tell him what I’ve done during the day, not that he is ever interested! :p

Having fun on the nursery run
Sometimes we get time to stop at the park on the way there!
 Hop, Skip and a Jump
This comes from singing “the wonderful thing about Tiggers” from Winnie the pooh and bouncing, hoping and skipping home like tiggers do!
Naming cars
This is the one we do most often, I must admit my car knowledge is a lot more limited that his so sometimes we have to settle for “yellow car” or “blue truck” but occasionally we spot something like a digger which is like gold dust to him!
Activities on the school run - The Mummy Toolbox
Naming Diggers is currently a favourite as you can see!

“slowly, slowly Rush!” 

This is the current favourite and includes walking in slow motion for a few steps and then sprinting forward until you run out of breath. You whisper slowly, slowly and then at any point shout rush! He finds it absolutely hilarious – which of course makes me laugh
Eye spy 
This old classic is one we are still learning as his vocabulary gets bigger and his spelling gets better when interacting with the world around him. We are having a bit of trouble with the patience of waiting for me to guess before shouting out what he has seen – we are working on it though!
Park Promises
On nicer days I will promise to go to the park (which is just around the corner) if we walk home nicely and quickly which is a good incentive to walking a little bit quicker!

In the rain


There is a lot more urgency about going home in the rain so we definitely try to go a lot faster, however, we still like to have a bit of fun with:
Puddle splashes –
Very self-explanatory! and regardless of wellies, he’s always soaked to the knees
Umbrella wars 

This always takes a “Jedi” turn with the umbrellas being used as; lightsabers, swords or for jousting. Although the umbrellas don’t keep us dry, we do end up walking a lot faster.resize

So these are the ways that we keep amused and when all else fails I pack snacks for bribery! (because sometimes it’s the only thing that works)
Having fun walking the nursery run!
We don’t Care as long as we have fun!

What ways do you like to pass the time on the nursery run? Let me know in the comments.

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 If you have to walk to nursery you are going to need some games, activities and ideas to pass them time as you walk, rain or shine to get you from A to B.

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