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I love to share, collaborate, work together and support other bloggers/companies , to check out what I’ve done so far, go to The Mummy Toolbox Portfolio page.

Current social media platform stats (Correct at June 2017)

Twitter: 5140

Facebook: 4570

Instagram: 1450

Pinterest: 3207

Ways you can work with me:

Paid Original Content

I can write in depth on a range of subjects including; health, fitness, lifestyle, pet care, weight loss, recipes, parenting, event planning, projects, management and organization. From academic writing to blog posts I can provide you with an original content piece specifically tailored for your site or brand and I also provide ghost-writing services. For quotes and more information feel free to contact me via email or alternatively you can hire me, see my reviews and “Top rated” status via my Upwork profile.


I love reviewing products and services that are in keeping with The Mummy Toolbox, I aim to work with your company and brand to inform my readers of genuine products or services that I like or enjoy. Please email before sending any products directly as they may not be suitable, but even if they are not, I am usually able to put you in touch with others who would be more suitable.

Sponsored Posts

While I do accept sponsored posts and I offer a social media promotion package I do not offer follow links with paid content and I have strict guidelines that need to be adhered to. Alternatively, I offer original content that I can write specific to your brand or organisation. (see above for paid content)

Affiliate Advertising

If you feel your product or service would suit my readers then I offer great rates and exclusive advertising placements on some of my most popular posts and pages as well as homepage banners. Check out my current Affiliates here.

Brand Promotion 

Great rates across my social media platforms with options for daily, weekly or monthly promotions for a set time period for your brand, service or product. Brands must be in keeping with The Mummy Toolbox image and categories.


I generally host competitions or giveaways on the blog itself but I will also hold social media competitions or giveaway’s as well. The prize, product or service must be in keeping with The Mummy Toolbox.

Guest Posting

I love to collaborate with other bloggers or industry professionals to provide great content to my readers. It is up to my discretion as to whether content/links are suitable and I will only take those in keeping with The Mummy Toolbox and its ethos. As a business, time and effort go into organising, editing and proofing guest posts to meet the standard of The Mummy Toolbox and once agreed upon, content can only be retracted after payment of these services have been met. I do accept follow links for guest posts, if they are suitable and in keeping with the themes. If you think this is you then send me an email (see below) and we can discuss what you have in mind. For some examples of guest posts featured on The Mummy Toolbox visit the aptly titled “Guest Posts on The Mummy Toolbox

I would love to work with many different brands or companies but ultimately I must keep the integrity of the site and it’s content, therefore I reserve the right to turn down offers or request alternatives if not in keeping with the site. I aim to work with you to get the best deal possible for the exposure to my fantastic audience. For more information on my policies, visit my Affiliate & Disclosure Policy

For enquiries or discuss proposals contact: [email protected]

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