Tree Court Diagram

Christmas Tree Warm-Up


This is a great warm up that is easy, great fun and involves the whole team. It’s easily adaptable so you can add in quick feet variations or dynamic stretches if you would prefer. This variation was based on a warm up by and later adapted by us 🙂

How to do it

  1. At the back line, Form two lines and together and  jog up the court(matching each others pace),
  2. When you get to the end of the first third, split sideways and sidestep towards the outside of the court,
  3. When you reach the outside line pivot and sprint to the middle of the two thirds line, (both teams should meet here before pivoting away from each other)
  4. Sidestep back out to the edge of the court and sprint diagonally to the top of the last line.
  5. When you reach the end of the court (the star on the tree) everyone should do 10 star jumps and then turn and do it in reverse.
    Tree Court Diagram

This should be one fluid movement and the two teams should travel in time together, by matching each others pace.

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