• Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie

    I am pleased to report that I have inspired my husband to experiment with smoothies!!

    and as I have been freezing more and more fruit (which I discuss in my “Fun ways to use Frozen Fruit post” last week) it means he’s been eating healthier too! bonus!

    What husband doesn’t understand however, is how blogging works :p I woke up one morning to find him supping down this beauty and the conversation went:

    Me: “what’s that?”

    Husband: ” oh I made a new flavour of smoothie – want some? – oh and I wrote the recipe down for you, you should share it, it’s really good” *looking really proud of himself at this point*

    Me: “aww are the photo’s on your phone or did you use  mine?”

    Husband: ” erm photo’s?”


    *pours what’s left in a small glass, throws some cherries on a plate – heavily edits it and hopes it’s not that noticeable!  and here it is! this all  happened at 7am on a saturday morning too!”

    Husbands can’t be perfect can they :p so without further ado here is my husbands “Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie

    The husbands Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie Recipe


    • 3 scoops of Chocolate/Cocoa (we used Nesquik because it’s what was available and is tasty!)
    • 1 Frozen banana
    • 100g Cherries – use a lot it takes a lot of cherries to flavour something
    • 400ml milk
    • 1 scoop of Protein powder – *if you don’t have (or want) to make a protein smoothie than just skip this step*

    MethodChocolate and Cherry Protein Smoothie, Tasty, easy and perfect for those foodies who are always on the go!

    Blend together the banana and cherry

    *if you add anymore banana to this recipe, then add double the amount of cherries (trust me the cherry flavour doesn’t go very far!)*

    Periodically blend in the milk until you get a creamy texture

    Once there are no lumps and it is smooth add in the protein powder and the chocolate powder (make sure it is smooth otherwise you get clumps of powder and it gets sticky!)

    Blend together until completely mixed in.

    Drink and enjoy

    (or if you’re my husband, be accosted for photos and then enjoy)

    This is a great and tasty recovery smoothie for after the gym or a long run, it’s not the healthiest it could be but it is the tastiest!

    The husband also loves (and recommends)a Banana & Honey Smoothie

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  1. Candace says:

    I’m a big fan of smoothies as I’m afraid to say it’s the only way I can get my son to eat fruit which at 13 isn’t a great thing but needs must. Don’t tell him but I’ve been known to add some veg too lol
    Candace recently posted…Manicures And Pretty NailsMy Profile

  2. LOL! I can see this, smacking the smoothie right out of your husband’s hand! So funny. Thank goodness there was enough left for a picture!

    The flavor sounds so good, I love chocolate cherry, and using fresh cherries sound so good! I think I would have finished the smoothie also! LOL

    I haven’t taken away my husband’s food for blogging, but he does get a little aggravated when I’m taking pictures while the rest of the family eats. Sometimes they are loading their plates into the dishwasher and I’m still snapping away! LOL At least I made them dinner, right?

  3. I can’t wait to try this one.
    Sarah Ross-Koves recently posted…Teaching Overseas #1My Profile

  4. Haha this made me giggle, bless him 😉
    This looks lush, I’ll have to try this!
    Lucy (Hello Beautiful Bear) recently posted…New To Blogging? 10 Ways To Grow Your BlogMy Profile

  5. Emma says:

    not a huge milk fan but this looks yummy – espec with the cherries. I might try it using an almond or nut based milke :)

  6. Midgie says:

    I did have to giggle at the thought of you taking his smoothie off him just to take photos! They just don’t understand do they?! Hubby says this sounds awesome and why have I not made it for him already!
    Midgie recently posted…Vegan Raspberry & Lemon SconesMy Profile

  7. Fi Ni Neachtain says:

    Oh I love smoothies, how great that you’ve converted your husband to them too. Have to laugh at the life of a blogger having to photograph everything before eating or drinking! :) This would be such a healthy and quick breakfast option.

  8. Jacinta says:

    I love a good, healthy smoothie for breakfast.
    Jacinta recently posted…Back to Normal with McCainMy Profile

  9. Oh this does sound amazing! Haha your husband reminds me of mine. My partner made a beautiful sticky bbq sauce it was so tasty. He took photos and wrote down the recipe. When I was typing the recipe for my blog I realised it looked familiar. It was one from a Jamie Oliver boo that I have! He thought I just copied recipes and put them on my blog haha!! #YumTum

  10. Wow nice ingredients, I love smoothie.
    Sadhna Grover recently posted…DRY BLACK CHICKPEAS SIDE DISH AND A POST ON GARAM MASALAMy Profile

  11. Gina says:

    Hahahah! I definitely laughed out loud at your conversation with your hubby. Whenever my hubby has a recipe he thinks that I should share I always question him intensely and almost always insist on taking the photos myself. He really likes to do it himself though, so he always tries to outdo me with his photos. 😀 This looks great and other than the cherries I already have all of the ingredients. That would be so tasty though! A chocolate smoothie?! Yum!
    Gina recently posted…How to Travel Healthy on a BudgetMy Profile

  12. Marilyn says:

    I am really getting into smoothies, Charlotte. Tweeted and yummed! You might want to check out yummly.com. It has become my #1 referrer after google search!
    Marilyn recently posted…Thursday Favorite Things #228My Profile

  13. Laura says:

    This looks great! I’m not a fan of cherries but appreciating the pictures and especially the story about your husband!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Mmm sounds yum! I am using a lot of protein powder these days – I’ll have to try this!
    Elizabeth recently posted…ProWare 24 cm Copper Saute Pan Giveaway RRP £89.99My Profile

  15. Ilka says:

    I love cherries in my smoothies, so yummy and good-for-you! As a runner, you probably love all the benefits of cherries in your diet, Charlotte!
    Ilka recently posted…Tissue Paper Spring WreathMy Profile

  16. Petite Words says:

    Looks delicious (: Will have to give it a try. Love your website by the way and so amazing to find such a good link party for foodies!

    Warm wishes from Petite Words

  17. What a clever husband you have, this sounds delicious. #YumTum
    Angela x
    Angela / Only Crumbs Remain recently posted…Traditional Vanilla FudgeMy Profile

  18. Rachel says:

    I love the sound of this and would perhaps also think of using Coconut milk too x
    Rachel recently posted…Mothers Day with L’OccitaneMy Profile

  19. Oooo well done to your husband, this sounds amazing! I often have to snatch my husband’s plate back at dinner time to take a photo!! #YumTum

  20. […] the recipe I have linked up is of his own making!! So show him (and his stomach) some love for the Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie !! it’s got a lot of healthy stuff in it but still has some chocolate (because chocolate […]

  21. Michelle says:

    That looks really good and I’m tempted to try it. Unfortunately I have yet to find a smoothie that I like. I still keep trying them though, hoping I will find “the one”, LOL! Popping over from #waywow
    Michelle recently posted…Manic Monday #5My Profile

  22. This protein smoothie looks tasty. Will give it a try with cocoa powder. I also like the combination of cherries & bananas. Thanks for sharing.
    joy @ yummy seconds recently posted…Rotini BroccoliMy Profile

  23. I agree Nesquik is darn tasty I love it! I like the alternative take on the smoothie too very different to most that I have seen!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Behind The Brand: Coconut LaneMy Profile

  24. Awww bless him, least he gets the whole blogging thing my OH is slowly coming round but still thinks I spend far to much time on the laptop – although will take the days out for a review etc. Sounds like a great smoothie :) love the idea of freezing more fruit too x
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Blogger Club UK #7My Profile

  25. It looks yummy! the stop now really made me laugh thats me constantly freeze!mI need to take photos haha x
    Georgina prince recently posted…cheerz photo prints review and £4 discount codeMy Profile

  26. Celeste Choi says:

    Great post. I shared it on StumbleUpon. Have a great day 😉
    Celeste Choi recently posted…Super Duper State of MindMy Profile

  27. Haha bless him. He wasn’t to know. Still looks delicious though. Cherry and chocolate is a lovely combination. :)

  28. You made me laugh out loud with STOP DRINKING RIGHT NOW! Reminds me of that video I saw of “Instagram husbands” and their wives, so funny! To be fair though, those smoothies look yum! I need a smoothie maker 😉
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…The Day Doc Was Left BehindMy Profile

  29. I have had conversations like that too! This made me laugh!
    I love cherries and obviously chocolate, sounds like heaven.

  30. Leah Miller says:

    Haha! This did make me laugh – at least he was trying to help!!!

    It looks delicious, I am really partial to a morning smoothie, as much as anything else it is easy to eat whilst I do 101 other things, but I have never had cherry in one. That might be tomorrows recipe, thank you! xx
    Leah Miller recently posted…How I Met Your Father… A Mini Series…My Profile

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